Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Australian Shooting Academy


As you can see in the picture above, Lindsay and I went shootin’. Tucked inside the upper level of a mall in Surfers, someone allowed me to fire a gun… scary huh?
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On a day that was too cold for the beach we headed down to the Australian Shooting Academy to give shooting a shot (Pun intended!). Neither of us had ever fired a pistol before so we were quite excited. They had quite the selection of firearms to choose from, everything from .22 pistols to a .458 elephant rifle. We decided on the Colt 1911, which was used as a sidearm by the U.S military for over 80 years.

The range itself is inside a mall next to a popular bowling alley, convenient but quite strange at the same time. From what I could gather there are 3 galleries each setup for 3 or 4 shooters. I’m not sure what they have for walls but I certainly wouldn’t want to be walking behind one when someone forks over the $15/shot for the elephant rifle.

After paying and filling out some paper work we were taken to a shooting gallery and each given our gun of choice and ammunition. After the safety and firing instructions, we loaded up and began sending some lead down range. I let Lindsay take the first shot and found it extremely entertaining. Neither of us were expecting so much power to come from these guns. The look on her face and reaction to the first shot was a mixture of surprise, adrenalin, fear and enjoyment all at the same time. As I took my first shot I was focused mostly on making sure the gun stayed in my hands, and didn’t end up in my face. The sound was much louder than I expected, and the smell reminded me of the cap guns I had as a kid. I learned the hard way that the shell casings that are ejected from the gun are very very hot. I somehow managed to get one down the back of my shirt about half way though a clip.

It seemed quite natural aiming, firing and reloading the weapon, must be all of the action movies I’ve watched. I managed to put all but 2 shots on my targets, which came as a surprise to me seeing as how I had never fired a gun in my life. Lindsay enjoyed herself but decided to give me some of her ammunition after she caught her finger while reloading her gun, she went home with a blood blister as a souvenir!

All in all it was a great experience and something I will do again in the future. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any video while I was there, but below you will find some pictures!

- Cory

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